Hi, my name is Samuel

I’m a coach specializing in changing people’s behaviors and habits. I help people around the world make meaningful changes, fulfill their potential and design the life they wish they had. 

What this means is that I help you solve behavior problems of all types and sizes. Common examples of bigger problems I solve include: Not eating, moving or sleeping in ways that nourish you and make you feel good about your body. It could be that you are too stressed to enjoy life or spend your days procrastinating instead of taking action. Common examples of smaller problems I solve include: taking control of social media habits, establishing a meditation practice or taking your good habits to the next level.

Can I help you?

The reason you are on this page is probably that your life isn’t exactly what you hoped it would be. You might be starting to doubt your capability or feel like you are not living up to your potential. You now want to turn your intentions into actions and could benefit from having an experienced and caring person by your side.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what circumstances you are in; I’m here to help. I have dedicated my life to help people design the life they want, and I can help you turn intention into action, doubt into courage, and good into better.

The only thing I ask of my clients is their full commitment. Your goal must be more than a “nice to have.” You should have some understanding of why your goal is important to you and why investing in achieving it is important. So, how would your life look like if you achieved your goal? Are you willing to commit your time and resources to make that into reality?

With your commitment, I will give you my full support, and you will be given the tools and knowledge to make you able to redesign your life and your habits completely. I will help you make sure you don’t waste this chance to make the most of your potential and support you in overcoming the fears that might be holding you back.

So if you are ready to commit to yourself and begin designing the life you want, then book your free consultation call today and let’s talk to see if I can be of help in making that happen. 

Set up FREE 10-minute Consultation Call


Pricing options

5 Week Coaching – $95 per week 

10 Week Coaching – $80 per week 

1 Year Coaching – $60 per week

Included in coaching package

  • Weekly 1-hour coaching calls 
  • Tailored made plan and solution based on your goals and circumstances
  • Free access to all of my books and resources
  • Exclusive access to my behavior change framework
  • Special discounts to any future events, workshops, and streamed lectures 

For further questions, please contact me


“Sam helped me to establish a nightly routine so that I could get to bed earlier without procrastinating on the computer. He provided me with support and ideas so that I had an easy time transitioning from what I was previously doing. Also, just a really friendly guy in general. Thanks, Sam!”


“For a long time I have wished to improve my yoga and meditation practice and make it more regular and consistent.

With the support and help from my coach, Sam, I have managed to overcome my huge resistance. He helped me to build a well-functioning structure in my practice and gave me daily encouragement and support. He was very genuine and always happy to answer any questions I sent his way. I have through this now been able to come to a point where actually I look forward to my daily yoga and meditation. My body feels fit and strong and I have been able to achieve a better balance in my life overall.

I really recommend Sam as a very reliable, encouraging, supportive and overall fantastic coach if you want to implement a good habit into your life!


“Sam helped me achieve structure in my daily reading. His advice was very helpful, easy to understand and made a lot of sense! Reading books is now a habit for me and I highly recommend Sam as a coach if you wish to create a new, healthy habit”


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