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The Times They Are A Changin’

We live in the quickest changing organizational landscape in history, and as many successful leaders have come to understand, the future success of their organization depends on their ability to change and stay adaptable. Samuel provides public speaking and workshops to help create adaptability that drives change. While you can choose different speaking and workshop formats below, all of Samuel’s lectures, workshops and training will deliver you and your people with a deep understanding of what drives behavior and how to change it.

Popular Lectures

How to Turn Sh*t Into Gold
What are the causes of our negative and destructive behaviors? How can the obstacles become the way? And, how can we re-design what is hindering us to turn into what helps us instead? Learn the alchemy of how to turn bad environments into good environments, behavior problems into behavior solutions, and just in general, how to turn sh*t into gold.

The Habit Hero’s Journey – MOST POPULAR
This lecture teaches you all you need to know about habits and how we can use them to change our lives. You might not know this, but habits make up for 40-45% of all of our daily behaviors. This means habits are inherently powerful and they lay the foundation for any success we hope to achieve. While we need to create good habits to succeed, an added benefit is that good habits also often save us when things turn bad. Begin your new journey by designing the habits which will change your life. Learn how to form good habits, how you can break bad habits and make yourself into the hero your world wants you to be.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Are you looking for something specific or want a workshop or lecture tailored to your situation? No problem! Samuel and his team will work with you and create exactly the lecture, training or workshop that your organization needs.

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